Cart Macabre is a nightmare fairground ride through a dreamlike landscape. It’s a restless exploration of isolation and disorientation, an act of faith on the part of the audience. In total darkness, 32 people are shepherded into eight wooden carts and moved through a succession of theatrical environments. The carts – their smell, their sounds, the sensation of their movement – become an inseparable part of a multi-sensory experience. Throughout this journey, a narrative begins to unfold, revealed to the audience through the architecture of the performance space – peepholes, shutters and sliding doors. Images appear out of blackness, reminiscent of the sea, faded glories, death, decay and the purgatory of waiting and wondering.

“Cart Macabre is a complex choreography in which the space dances with the audience. A ‘dance macabre’ celebrating the transitory nature of life.” (Klaus Kruse, Artistic Director)

Cart Macabre was shown at the Old Vic Tunnels, London, in December 2010; A Living Structures and Old Vic co-production supported by University College Falmouth, Shunt and Battersea Arts CentreThe show has been in development since 2007. Work in progress was previously shown at Battersea Arts Centre and Dartington College of Arts. Throughout this process we have worked with many incredible artists. Please see Living Structures' website for more info and full credits.