Selected Performances, Exhibitions, 
Conferences and Workshops:
*** Encontro Hemisférico de Performance e Política, 
       São Paulo (BR), 12-19 Jan 2012
       Performance with La Pocha Nostra

- Matadero, Madrid (ES), 23Nov-2Dec
  Leviathan, with Living Structures
- Oaxaca (MX), 19 Aug-3Sept
  La Pocha Nostra Live Art Laboratory
- Festival de Teatro Nuevo León, Monterrey (MX), 6-12 July 
  Corpo Insurrecto, La Pocha Nostra
- School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL July 30-August 2
  Final rehearsals for new La Pocha Nostra performance: Corpo Insurrecto
- FIT - Festival Internacional de São José do Rio Preto (BR), 4-15 July
  Workshop 6-9 July / Performance 11-14 July
  La Pocha Remix: Psycho-magical actions against violence 
- Belas Artes Univerisity of Lisbon (PT) - MAY 25, 22h
  'Sem Altar', performance with Andrea Inocêncio
- Galeria Boavista (Lisbon, PT), 22 April
  'Sem Altar', performance with Andrea Inocêncio
- CASA (Oaxaca, Mexico), 10-18 March 
  'Corpo Insurrecto' - R&D Residency w/La Pocha Nostra
- University College Falmouth (UK) 21-21Feb
  Performance workshop

- Trinity Buoy Wharf, London:
'Leviathan' - R&D Showings, w/ Living Structures
- Centro Niemeyer, (Avilés, SPAIN), 26-30 Sept
'Cart Macabre', w/ Living Structures
- XVI Bienal de Cerveira (PORTUGAL): 
'La Deconificada',  solo performance and street interventions
Atelier da Casa (Porto Alegre, BRASIL):
Performance Marathon, w/ Andressa Cantergiani, Carina Sehn, Itiana Pasetti
- SOMARTS Cultural Centre (San Francisco, USA):
'Corpo Ilicito’,  performance w/ La Pocha Nostra

- ArtCENA Festival (Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL):
Corpo Ilicito’ + workshop w/ La Pocha Nostra
- Inst. Buena Bista/Center for Contemporary Art (CURAÇAO):
workshop w/ La Pocha Nostra 
- Old Vic Tunnels (London, UK):
‘Cart Macabre’ w/  Living Structures

- VII Encuentro, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics (Bogotá, COLOMBIA):
  ‘10 Acciones Psicomagicas contra la Violencia’ (w/ Guillermo Gomez Peña)
- Halles De Schaerbeek, Trouble #5 (Bruxelles, BELGIUM):
 ‘Corpo Ilicito’ (workshop/performance w/ La Pocha Nostra)
- Maison Folie (Mons, BELGIUM):
Corpo Ilicito’ (workshop/performance w/ La Pocha Nostra)
- Arnolfini, ‘We Live Here’ - Live Art Platform (Bristol, UK):
 ‘47 Bones’ (performance installation performed on this occasion by Rhiannon Chaloner)

- Battersea Arts Centre – BAC (London, UK): 
 ‘Cart Macabre’ w/ Living Structures)
- PSi #14 INTERREGNUM Conference (Copenhagen, DENMARK): 
 ‘In Between Sophie Calle and Her Articulation of Everyday Life (paper)
- Arnolfini, ‘I am your worst nightmare’ - Live Art Platform (Bristol, UK): 
 '47 Bones' (performance installation)
- Live Art Falmouth, Festival (UK): 
 ‘Meatoo’, Meat Mirrors’ and Beesous’ (videos)
- Space X Gallery (UK):  
 ‘Meatoo’ and Beesous’ (videos)
- Dartington College of Arts - DCA, (Dartington, UK): 
 ‘The true Aerealist’ (monologue written and directed by Barbara Bridger)

- DCA (Dartington, UK): 
'47 Bones’ (performance installation)
- Devon Art Works, ‘one.c’ event at
Broomhill Art Hotel (Devon, UK): 
 ‘Sweet Art’ (performance installation in collaboration w/ 5 year old Eva Wynn)
- DCA, Out Here Festival (Dartington, UK): 
 ‘Cart Macabre’ (immersive performance w/ Living Structures)
- ACT ART #5, interdisciplinary art/club event (London, UK): 
 ‘Meatoo II’,‘Beesous’ & ‘’ (videos)
- BAC, Graduate Festival (London, UK): 
 ‘Under Reams’ (Devised Theatre, a collaboration w/ Fort Reasoning)
- DCA, Festival 07 (Dartington, UK):
 ‘Baulk’ (Photographs), Not I’ (video),
 ‘Under Reams’ (Theatre, a collaboration with Fort Reasoning)
- Sophiensaele, 100 Grad Festival (Berlin, GERMANY): 
 ‘Inside Out’ (Research Project: Performance in the domestic, a collaboration w/
 The Solvents) + Task Me (Flash mob, a collaboration w/ Dimitri Paranyushkin)

- South Brent Town Hall (UK): 
 Dada V Fluxus Boxing Match (one.c event curated by Kath Wynne)
- M2 Gallery (Poznan, POLAND): 
 ‘Spectformer’ (interactive performance installation)
- Officina Zone Humane – OZU (Monte Leone, ITALY):  
‘Inside Out’ (Research Project:Performance in the domestic,w/ The Solvents)
- Various Streets and clubs in Berlin (GE), Poznan (PL) and London (UK): 
 Task Me (Flash mob, a collaboration with Dimitri Paranyushkin)
- UK and Europe Tour, including Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK) BAC Graduate
 Festival (UK), Istropolitana Interntional Festival (Bratislava, SK), National Student
 Drama Festival (London, UK), OZU (Monteleone, IT): 
’Cosmic Family’ devised theatre, a The Solvents production)

- M2 Gallery (Poznan, POLAND): 
 ‘Beesous’, ‘Blimmin’Eggs’, ‘Meatoo I’ (videos)
- Cavern Club, ‘one.c’ event curated by Kath Wynne (Plymouth, UK):
 ‘Beesous’, ‘Blimmin’Eggs’, ‘Meatoo I’ & ‘’ (videos)
- NSDF (Scarbourough, UK) & DCA (Dartington, UK): 
 ‘Leviathan’ (Devised/physical Theatre, a The Solvents production)

- AREA 10 (London, UK): 
‘About Seven’ (Site Specific Perf dir. by Marta Angelozzi and Dagmara Billon)

- AREA 10 (London, UK): 
 ‘Europe and the Bull’ (Site Specific Performance directed by Christelle Lafille)
- AREA 10, Soprimaverdada, Interdisciplinary Arts Festival (London, UK):
 Festival curation
- Blue Elephant (London, UK): 
 ‘No Mads’  (Mime/Physical Theatre)

- Streets of Portugal, Spain & France: 
 Various (Mime, Fire & Escapology shows)
- Diorama (London, UK): 
 SouxouMouxou (Mime/Physical Theatre)
- Hoxton Hall (London, UK): 
 Shit Happens (Mime/Physical Theatre)