Corpo/Ilicito: The Post Human Society 6.9 > SAN FRANCISCO, JAN 2011

SOMArts Cultural Center presents La Pocha Nostra’s Corpo/Ilicito: The Post Human Society 6.9 as a one-night-only multi-stage immersive performance extravaganza featuring world class local and international performance artists. Corpo/Ilicito premieres as a community program of the current exhibition It’s All A Blur, a major touring exhibition, curated by SOMArts Curator and Gallery Director Justin Hoover and featuring San Francisco based artistic masters, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Dale Hoyt and Tony Labat.
Corpo/Ilicito employs a multi-diorama high-tech performance/installation of epic scale exploring the concept of “forbidden bodies”; the bodies of those demonized by isolationistic policies and an extreme culture of fear and high security. “Forbidden bodies” includes the bodies of the Arab and Latino immigrants, the queer body and the “imperfect” body and through this discussion, extends the themes of It’s All A Blur, which uses performance, large-scale interactive installation, video, drawings, and sculpture to reframe the themes of empowerment and enfranchisement in the American West and the current status of the American dream. An earlier version of this large-scale work premiered at CounterPULSE as a duet between Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Violeta Luna in 2009.
Core members of La Pocha Nostra include Michelle Ceballos (Phoenix/Bogota), local Mission district resident Guillermo Galindo, (San Francisco/Mexico City), local Mission district resident and MacArthur Award Fellow Guillermo Gómez-Peña, (San Francisco/Mexico City), Roberto Sifuentes (Aztlán/Chicago), and local resident Emma Tramposch (New Zealand/San Francisco), as well as their performance associates, Dani d’Emilia (Brazil/London), EJ Hill (Chicago), Saul Garcia Lopez (Toronto/Mexico City), Erica Mott (Chicago), Natalie Brewster Nguyen (Manila/Tucson), and John Zibell (Davis/NYC).

Fotos Courtesy of SOMArts Cultural Center and Hewitt Photography