La Pocha Nostra Summer Intensive: Athens, Greece

(Erica Mott, Saul Garcia-Lopez, Dani D'Emilia, Gomez-Peña and Brittany Chavez)

From June 10 to 22, a group of artists gathered in the Athens School of Fine Arts under the convocatory of La Pocha Nostra & independent artist, Fotini Kale. This gathering included 24 artists coming from various disciplines ( theory, poetry, the visual arts, theater, video, installation, performance and circus arts). Artists came from a complex mixture of cultural/national identities including Greek, Mexican, Brazilian, Chilean, Peruvian, Irish, Polish & the US. After a 12-day rigorous process of sampling body based exercises, ritual actions (indoor & outdoor) and perceptual games, our goal as civic-minded artists was to find a common vocabulary to compare notes regarding this turbulent and fragile historical moment. 

On June 22 we presented an event open to the arts community in Athens.